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Cursed Mountain


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Sproing Interactive Media



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Standing in Lhando, the eerily deserted village at the base of the
Sacred Mountain of the Himalayas, Chomolonzo, an icy chill hits your
veins. The summit looming in the distance holds the answers to your
brother’s disappearance, and you plan to bring him back – dead or alive.
Cursed Mountain is a survival/horror game designed specifically for Wii.
Players will take on the role of Eric Simmons as he tracks down his
brother, who went missing on a trek into the Himalayas to find an
ancient Buddhist artifact. A sensible man, when Eric first encounters
the angry spirits of the dead, he dismisses them as hallucinations
caused by altitude sickness. But as he ascends the mountain, it becomes
clear that something is very wrong… A curse has been placed on the
mountain; the dead spirits of the local monks and villagers are trapped
in the realm of the afterlife or bardo, unable to reach Nirvana or start
a new life cycle. Stuck in limbo, the restless spirits are very angry…


• Revolutionary – One of the first survival/horror games designed
specifically for Wii, Cursed Mountain creates a terrifying setting in a
stylized, atmospheric manner.
• Original Setting – With advanced
graphics, Cursed Mountain places the player in a realistic Himalayan
environment. Players will immerse themselves in the local Buddhist
traditions and rituals. Everything in the game is based on real world
facts and research…except of course for the outbreak of restless souls.

Vertical Level Design – As players ascend the mountain, they will
clearly see the summit in the distance, a looming reminder of their
final destination, and they can also look behind to see how far they’ve
• Innovative Wii Controls – Designed to mimic the physical
aspects of sacred prayer rituals, mantras, and gestures of Buddhism,
combat is comprised of gestures that release the spirits from the curse.
In addition, Cursed Mountain takes full advantage of Wii functionality,
supporting the Wii Remote speaker, rumble and motion-sensitivity in a
variety of triggered action events that mimic natural movements, such as
climbing, running and balancing.
• Compelling Storyline – Players
investigate the disappearance of their brother who vanished while
searching for an ancient relic in the Himalayas. Players climb to the
top of Chomolonzo to discover the fate of their brother as well as to
stop the curse that’s interrupting Samsara – the Buddhist concept of
• Environmental Hazards – As players climb higher, the
mountain itself becomes an enemy. Prone to the travails of altitude
sickness and oxygen deprivation, players may not be able to tell the
difference between real enemies and hallucinated ones.

Cursed Mountain

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