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What is Mynty?

Mynty is the quintessential companion for video game collectors. Seamlessly combining a price guide, data aggregator, collection tracker, and evaluation tool, Mynty provides a comprehensive solution for all your collecting needs. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your journey, Mynty empowers you with accurate pricing, in-depth data, and sophisticated tracking and evaluation features – all in one dynamic platform. Embark on your collecting adventure with Mynty, the ultimate tool for video game enthusiasts.

Q. What does EX / NM mean conditionally?

A. Excellent / Near Mint refers to being in Excellent to flawless condition. A game might contain a few very small flaws or none at all. There are little to no creases, dings or dents in the cardboard. Only extremely minor corner tears in cellophane are permissible. The game box, display, cartridge, or disc surface must seem “very good” or “like new.”. Cartridge labels may exhibit very small signs of wear, but the disc surface must seem excellent or brand new.

Q. What does Good / Very Good conditionally?

A. Good / Very Good condition, the box or packaging will have slight creases. Has shelf wear with little corner, box, and dent damage. Some may appear to have very little. Exceptionally minimal or no cracks in jewel casings. There may be some scratches on the covers or box. Cartridge labels may exhibit signs of wear and peeling. Surfaces of discs may exhibit small scratches and wear.

Q. What does Poor / Fair mean conditionally?

A. Poor / Fair condition typical shows wear, has wrinkles, and/or dents are usual. It appears to be used and worn. Rips are common in cellphone. Boxes are frequently damaged, and cases contain cracks. The labels on the cartridges are severely worn, ripped, or torn, and the disc surfaces are substantially scratched.

Q. When I tried to add a game today, it told me that I needed to upgrade my account in order to add more. What should I do?

A. Free accounts are limited to how many games you can collect. You may add up to 10 games to your library during this time. Once you’ve added the maximum of 10 games to your library, you must become a Power Collector to add more games.

Q. Mynty’s game library is limited; will you add more games?

A. YES! Our library will expand as Mynty grows. The ultimate goal is to track all game consoles and their full libraries.


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