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Electronic Arts Canada



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It’s baaaaaaaaack… EA SPORTS NBA JAM revives the classic franchise with
vintage NBA JAM gameplay, and all-new features that deliver a fresh new
take on the game. Featuring the sights and sounds that fans of the
franchise will instantly recognize, EA SPORTS NBA JAM mixes the old
school with the new, to deliver a one-of-a-kind sports presentation on
the Wii.

Shoves, spins and of course, backboard smashing dunks take centre stage
with classic two vs. two gameplay that lies at the core of NBA JAM. –
Choose from all new motion controls, flip the controller on its side, or
plug in the Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro and jump in
using classic controls and play with a roster of current NBA players,
NBA legends and a few special appearances on the hardwood.

With a distinct art style, NBA JAM brings photo realism to the Wii.
Unmatched player likeness and reactions exaggerate the outrageous moves
that make up the core JAM experience, elevating the already intense
gameplay to new heights.

With modes aplenty, classic JAM gameplay, and loads of characters and
unlockables, you’ll see why the revival of NBA JAM is a slam dunk.


• Classic NBA JAM Gameplay – Fast paced two on two action is what lies
at the core of the NBA JAM experience. Take on a defender one on one,
and pull a last minute spin as he goes to shove you. Throw an alley-oop
to your teammate as he comes down with an on fire, backboard smashing
• Multiple Control Schemes—Whether you prefer to shoot using
the Wii’s motion controls, or by pressing a button, NBA JAM gives gamers
the chance option when it comes to control schemes. -Choose from motion
controls, classic controls or plug in the Classic Controller or Classic
Controller Pro, and dominate the hardwood on your terms
• Two
Campaign modes—–Want to experience some nostalgia? – Then pop into
Classic campaign mode to get exactly what you remember from NBA Jam.
Looking for something a little bit different? Jump into the Remix Tour
and experience an all-new twist on Jam – choose your own path to glory
as you participate in game modes that you might not expect and face off
against some of the biggest legends in the sport.
• Game Modes
Aplenty—–Step beyond the traditional with additional game modes. From
Backboard Smash to Domination and from 21 to Elimination, NBA Jam offers
loads of gameplay depth to keep your experience engaging and fresh.

Player Likeness—Witness as the past and future collide in the visuals of
NBA Jam. A distinct art style that screams Jam from the moment you boot
up the game is mashed with the most realistic player likeness ever seen
on the Wii (or perhaps on any console), creating a presentation that is
unlike anything you’ve seen but yet is strangely familiar

Unlock this or Unlock that – Complete Jam Challenges to unlock game
modes to characters, to secret teams and Special Courts, NBA Jam will
feature a whole lot of content for you to unlock as you progress thru
the game..
• Boss Battles—They are some of the greatest players to
have ever played the game of basketball. They are legends that will not
go down easy. They are standing in your way and you need to get by them.
Jump into a unique take on the Jam franchise with boss battles. The best
players doing what they do best. They will frustrate you with their
skills, but you have to beat the best to be the best.
• All 30 NBA
Teams and more…The top three players, as chosen by the fans, from every
NBA team in the are featured in NBA Jam, but that’s not all. Over 100
unlockable teams, characters, privileges, and mascots will also be
• Tim Kitzrow – The original voice that captured the
attention of a nation is back voicing all the classic lines you remember
from the original NBA JAM, as well as a host of new ones, including some
created by fans
• Multiplayer Goodness – Go at it alone or jump into
the multiple multiplayer options available in NBA JAM. With two on two
co-op play throughout the campaign mode, as well as two on two
head-to-head competition, there are lots of ways to share the NBA JAM


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